Dash and Lily's Book of Dares book trailer

 Watch this video that is a trailer for the David Levithan and Rachel Cohen book Dash and Lily's Book of Dares.  A book store, a dare and a whirlwind adventure.

Necromancer by Michael Scott

The fourth book in the New York Times bestselling series The Secrets of the Imm

Uglies by Scott Westerfeld

 Tally is almost 16 and breathlessly eager: On her birthday, like everyone else, she'l

The Chosen One by Carol Williams

 Williams strikes just the right balance between informative and cautionary in this gripping tale about a 13-year-old girl trapped in a polygamist cult. At first, Kyra's struggles center around her situation-a lack of privacy, too many mothers and the urge to experiment with various sins (reading books besides scripture, exploring outside the compound, kissing a boy). But when she's "chosen" to be the seventh wife of her brutish, 60-something uncle, Kyra's desperation to be somewhere (or someone) else escalates ("God has given you to me, Kyra Leigh," her uncle tells her. "You will do what He says. What the Prophet says. What I say"). Is she brave enough to run away from the community that has sheltered her since birth? Although the ending verges on the sensational, Williams (Pretty Like Us) takes such care in crafting Kyra's internal struggles-and her hellacious story-that the ensuing drama rings true.

Out of My Mind by Sharon Draper

 Melody Brooks, in a wheelchair and unable to speak, narrates this story about finding her voice. The first half of the book catalogues Melody's struggles-from her frustration with learning the same preschool lessons year after year to her inability to express a craving for a Big Mac. Draper, whose daughter has cerebral palsy, writes with authority, and the rage behind Melody's narrative is perfectly illustrated in scenes demonstrating the startling ignorance of many professionals (a doctor diagnoses Melody as "profoundly retarded"), teachers, and classmates. The lack of tension in the plot is resolved halfway through when Melody, at age 10, receives a talking computer, allowing her to "speak." Only those with hearts of stone won't blubber when Melody tells her parents "I love you" for the first time. Melody's off-the-charts smarts are revealed when she tests onto her school's quiz bowl team, and the story shifts to something closer to The View from Saturday than Stuck in Neutral.

One Piece Book Trailer

Watch the Book Trailer for a manga series, One Piece, created by KPL teen volunteer Nate: