Display Artwork at the Library

Kirkwood Public Library: Art Exhibit Application Information

The Kirkwood Public Library hosts exhibits in our art gallery throughout the year to expose patrons to new art forms and ideas, to foster creativity and inspire curiosity, and to provide exhibition opportunities for the artistic community. Exhibits are chosen by a staff committee according to the needs and interests of the community, the variety of shows, the artistic quality of the works, and the suitability of the format for the Library’s physical space. A visit to the Library prior to exhibiting is encouraged to view the space available and the hanging system.


Submissions are accepted once a year and the date is posted on the library’s web site. Artists will receive notification that the application has been received and is complete within two weeks of submission. The application will be considered at the end of the submission period and artists will receive the committee’s decision within two weeks after the final submission date.

How to Submit a Portfolio for Consideration

The Kirkwood Public Library accepts portfolios by physical and electronic application.

Physical Submission Instructions

Artists are invited to deliver or mail their submission to the Kirkwood Public Library. Physical submissions should include the following items:
  • A completed Art Exhibit Application Form.
  • An artist’s statement and resume or biography.
  • A portfolio of 10-20 images of the artist’s artwork representative of the artwork to be displayed in the Library. Images may be submitted as printed photographs or digital. For each image, please include the artist’s name, title, medium, and size.
  • If you would like your portfolio returned to you after the selection process, please include a self-addressed stamped envelope.

Electronic Submission Instructions

Artists are invited to submit their portfolio for consideration via email to: edelooze@kirkwoodpubliclibrary.org Electronic submissions should include the following elements:
  • A completed Art Exhibit Online Submission Form.
  • An artist’s statement and resume or biography.
  • A portfolio of 10-20 images of artist’s artwork representative of the artwork to be displayed in the Library. Images may be submitted as a Flickr Set or a unique webpage.

When a Submission is Accepted

  • Library staff will contact the artist and schedule the display, as well as schedule time for the artist to set-up the display. 
  • The artist will provide the Library with high-resolution digital images for use in promotion of the exhibition.
  • The Library will submit press releases to local media. To facilitate the writing of press releases, the artist should plan on providing a paragraph describing exactly what the viewer will see when they visit the exhibit. The extent of coverage for each exhibit depends on how much space the area news media sources have available.  Artists are encouraged to promote their exhibit through invitations and announcements, keeping in mind that artwork will only be available for viewing during regular Library hours and when the display area is not otherwise closed due to a meeting, class, etc.  Artists are encouraged to check the schedule with the Library prior to scheduling any viewings of their artwork.  Any press releases pertaining to the Library must be approved by the Library prior to publication.     
  • All sales inquires are referred to the artist or their representative; the Library does not facilitate sales transactions.
  • The artist will sign a Kirkwood Public Library Art Exhibits Application Form (“Application Form”). If the artist is under 18, the Application Form must also be signed by a parent or legal guardian.  
An identifying card should be attached to each piece of artwork and should include the title of the work, the artist’s name and medium. No labels, signs, or other material is to be attached to any walls or other Library property.  


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