Minecraft Server - Now Open!

Minecraft is very popular among Kirkwood youth.  That is why we have created this server specifically for you!

In order to keep things simple we are utilizing a Bukkit Server with the plugins: MyChunk and Dynmap.  All other features of the server are performed through in-game contracptions and/or set rules.

The Minecraft server will be available to children and teens ages 9 through 17 and will be accessible in-library only.  In order to access our server please complete the registration form located on the left side of this page.  If you do not have your own Minecraft account, please see a teen librarian.







There are three different player roles on the server:

  1. Citizens: The default role for server users.  They are granted the basic privileges to claim chunks of land and manage their claims.
  2. Sheriffs: Chosen among those  who attend the monthly teen Minecraft events and rotate periodically.  They are granted slightly elevated privileges and are responsible for 'keeping the peace' on the server.
  3. Admins: Library teen staff act as server administrators.


Citizens are the default group automatically assigned for regular players.  They will be able to claim land and manage that claim to a certain extent.

  1. Each player may claim 1 chunk of land but will be given the opportunity to purchase or be rewarded extra chunks.
  2. Claims can be managed to allow or disallow certain players access to build, destroy or use chests, buttons, doors, etc...  Players may allow mobs and PVP on their own claims.
  3. Players be able to take on jobs and be paid for completing them.  Jobs listings can be found using the Job Listings form on the left under the Server Forms section.
  4. Players are not able to claim chunks that touch the chunks of other players.

Sheriffs will be responsible for making sure the rules are followed on the server.  They will be granted the same privileges as Citizens, but will allowed to charge fines and send players to jail for rule violations.  Sheriffs will rotate monthly.

Admins will be responsible for managing the server and the Sheriffs and will deal with player issues.  Admins will have the responsibility for posting jobs and will act as the bank, paying players for completed jobs.

Your Admins for the Minecraft Server are staff member Nick (Nicho29) and staff member Ben (Benyon).

All land in the game is unclaimed.  Players and the server can claim land to be used.  Players land will act as their homes and their own projects.  Server claimed land will be for assigned jobs and will eventually be open to all.  Claimed land, either by the server or player, is protected from griefing unless the players gives other players permission to alter things.

Communal buildings, such as a PvP arena, will be on server claimed land and built by the players.  Once complete, the buildings will be open for use by the user.

The server's economy will be based on experience (XP).  Players may spend XP at the server's built-in market, where they can buy and sell items for XP.


The game has a series of rules set by the admins.  These rules will be enforced by the Sheriffs.  Each players will be given an in-game Rule Book containing the list of rules and a list of the commands necessary for claiming/managing chunks.


For questions about our Minecraft Server, please contact the Teen Room at 314-821-5770 ext. 1020.