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 Server Information

 Our Server is available everywhere at kirkwoodpubliclibrary.mcserver.ws

Server Requires the Use of Minecraft version 1.6.4

Players can request whitelist access through the registration link on the left.

The banner above displays the current status of our server.  If the server is listed as online, but you cannot get in, please visit http://help.mojang.com to see the status of their services.

For questions about our Minecraft Server, please contact the Teen Room at 314-821-5770 ext. 1020.


Home World

Plugins (Player Accessible)

iConomy | BuyXP | GUIShop | WorldEdit | WorldGuard | mcMMO


The Home World of the KPL Minecraft Server acts as the primary world for players. This world is the main creative center for all players, who can build anything they desire, anywhere they desire.

The Nether

Plugins (Player Accessible)

iConomy | BuyXP | GUIShop |mcMMO


The Nether, as in vanilla Minecraft, is a dark underworld like realm with strange blocks, entities and environment.  There is no difference between the Nether of the KPL Server and the standard Nether, except one – Nether Portals are disabled and may not be created by users.  The Nether is accessible only through the T.A.R.D.I.M.

The End

Plugins (Player Accessible)

iConomy | BuyXP | GUIShop | mcMMO


The End is a dark, empty plane consisting of floating islands surrounded by the Void.  The End is accessible through End Portals, but is more easily accessible through the T.A.R.D.I.M.  Unfortunately, the Ender Dragon is not available on the KPL Minecraft Server at this time.


Plugins (Player Accessible)

iConomy | BuyXP | GUIShop | Factions | mcMMo | MoreBows


The Factions world is designed for players interested in playing on a Factions based server.  Players have the ability to create and manage their own factions, as well as create alliances and go to war with other factions.  The world is a finite size and contains numerous resources as well as two designated Safe Zones.

Factions of the Old West

Plugins (Player Accessible)

iConomy | BuyXP | ChestShop | Factions | mcMMo | MoreBows


The Factions of the Old West world goves players a different experience from the above Factions world.  This world is in Adventure Mode. The GUIShop is inaccessible, players must travel to the only settlement to purchase basic supplies from the ChestShops. All the basic world protection measures are turned off, therefore mobs can grief, fire can spread, pvp is allowed everywhere and TNT can explode. The resources of this world are very limited and are likely to disappear quickly. Enjoy!

Special Features

T.A.R.D.I.M., Time and Relative Dimension in Minecraft

The T.A.R.D.I.M. is the gateway to the KPL Server Multiverse. Each world has a T.A.R.D.I.M. at its center. Entering the T.A.R.D.I.M. will transport you into its interior (it’s bigger on the inside!)

X.T.M., eXperience Teller Machine

Designated areas of the server include these machines, which allow players to exchange experience for money and vice versa.


This server uses Craftbukkit version 1.6.4 and the following plugins.


Plugin Player Commands


Right click the sign to buy (will be marked with a "B", for example B 100)

Left click the sign to sell (will be marked with a "S", for example 100 S)


Open the GUIShop: /shop


Check balance: /money

Give money to other players: /money pay [name] [amount]


Set your default home location: /sethome

Set a named home loaction (Cost = $100): /sethome <name>

Go to your default home location: /home

Go to a named home location (Cost = $20): /home <name>

For other commands, such as inviting other to your home location(s) or deleting locations click here.


Visit the Factions website to learn more about creating, joining and managing factions.


Visit the MoreBows site for recipes to craft special bows and even a quiver!


This plugin allows players to have more of an RPG experience on the server, giving players attributes that they can level up and increase their skills.

See the status of an attribute: /[attribute name]

Attributes can be found listed on the mcMMO website



On our server there operate a number of moderators, or Sheriffs, as we call them. The role of a Sheriff is to assist other players with teleporting, experience, money, and land management (to some extent).  Sheriffs are rotated every few months to allow multiple players to have the chance to be a Sheriff.  Below is a list of the functions Sheriff's can assist with.  If you need help and an admin is not on the server, seek out a Sheriff.
Sheriffs can...

Teleport Players to other Multiverse Worlds: /mv tp <player name> <world name>, or to tp themselves to another world: /mv tp <world name>

Give Experience: /xp <player name> <amount>

Create Buy & Sell Signs for the BuyXP plugin, see the BuyXP webpage for info on creating signs.

Fly as in creative mode by double jumping.

Check other Players Account Balance: /money <player name>

Take Money from other Players (if necessary): /money take <player name> <amount>

Being a Sheriff on the KPL Minecraft Server is a privilege.  Sheriffs are here to assist other players and not themselves.  Any Sheriff found to be abusing their privileges, may be subject to demotion and will relenquish any and all rights of being a Sheriff.  Please use the Server Issues form on the top right of this page to report any issues with Sheriffs.